Wednesday, October 15, 2008


When I saw the trailers for this movie, I was under the impression that it was a lame Road Warrior copycat. I was surprised to find that it was full of awesome. I am now going to sum up each awesome feature that this movie brought to the table.

It starts off with civil panic
When movies start off with a fuck tonne of people getting pwned as they desperately attempt to escape a plague, it usually means that thoughs movies are going to kick ass.

Memories of Mad Max
As I said earlier, this barbaric people in this movie are similar too Lord Humungous and all thoughs fucked up people from mad max. What with there bondage and gimps. Aside from all the bondage and gimps these guys usually dress all punk like, which is pretty awesome. They are also cannibals and with cannibals comes a lot of cool gore. This group is at war with the other half of society....

The Midevil People
That's right, the other half of this society live in a midevil society. They live in a castle and only use things from that era. This is pretty cool because it's a bunch of road warrior punks fighting midevil people! This society is lead by Linderman from heros.

Bloody Awesome
- no less then 3 heads are shown being decapitated.
- many people are splattered with a fuck tonne of blood.
- none of that CGI blood

This movie is the sum of...
Mad Max + Escape from New York + Excalibur + The Warriors + No Blade of Grass + The Omega Man + Waterworld + Gladiator + Children of Men

Oh and some gimps are used as meat shields.


N. Necro said...

i now remember why this movie is gay. the punks used moltov cocktails and rcks to destroY a ARMORED PERSONEL CARRIER!

Redzion said...

Actually they used molotov cocktails and rocks to attack a Armored Personal Carrier. The Carriers not destroyed. Well one was, but that was done with a grenade inside the vehicle.