Sunday, April 26, 2009

Change is around the corner

It might just be me, but It seems like some change is coming. The change I speak of is the education of the general public regarding marijuana and it's medical benefits. The hoped result of this is obvious, the legalization of medical marijuana as well as decriminalization of possession of marijuana.

The source of this change may have made a large leap this 4/20. On 4/20 NORML launched their ad campaign aimed to inform the public as well as put pressure on President Barack Obama. These ads are being broadcast on basically every American cable channel.

Here is the most popular commercial:

On top of these commercials being aired the extremely popular teleivison show Family Guy has released a 420 episode that was actually decently informative. I'm not a Family Guy fan, but I have to commend everyone involved for using their powers for good. You know what I mean when I say powers, there are many people who get their opinions from this show. I am hoping that the influence from Family Guy will have an effect on enough people to bring some change.

The change that is being hoped for in the states is that which I mentioned earlier: medical marijuana for those who need it, decriminalization of cannabis, and the informing of the general public that marijuana has many benefits and very few (if any) negatives. I am in favor of full legalization of cannabis but if decriminalization has to come first at least some change for the better is happening.

I leave you with the song from the Family Guy episode:
Note that this is the best video being provided because corporations are copy writing bitches.


Lazydan said...

That episode is fucking funny! I don't usually like family guy, but I've seen all the shows. :(

Most suck, but that one was good.
Also the commercial for de-criminalizing weed is good, it should "change" the world.

And, good job Redzion, I guess our little chat about how inactive your site was came though. :D

I'll post something new on my site within the week, so watch out for a "new" extra-long length BCDan feature post. (It WILL be about weed)

Redzion said...

Will do. Thanks for the motivation lol.