Wednesday, February 4, 2009

By Far The Most Bizarre Thing I Have Ever Seen

Jack White's Tesla Coil & A World Where The White Stripes Are Inexplicably Knowledgeable Of Electricity And The Genius Of Nikola Tesla. Also yes that is a tesla coil in a wagon, at a restraunt.

Normally I have somewhat of an idea on how to review a movie right after watching it high. Unfortunately I was unprepared for the audio, visual experiment that I just gave witness to. Starring a plethora of musicians and actors ranging from Steve Buscemi, to The Dude On The Couch from Half Baked, hell even The White Stripes. This independent film, is called Cigarettes & Coffee. It is aptly titled as the film in no way consists of a coherent plot line but there is a recurring theme of Cigarettes & Coffee shown throughout the films 11 short segments. These segments oft consist of actors, and musicians playing fictional variations of themselves.

Amongst the most notable of these peculiar pair ups are Iggy Pop best known as frontman for The Stooges, and Tom Waits best known as the most talented drunkard on earth. The odd scene that ensues shows a nervous Iggy Pop waiting at a low end restraunt for Tom Waits. Upon Waits' arrival he immediately discusses his busy day involving road side surgery, and tracheotomy's done with ball point pens. Bad. Fucking. Ass. One of the strange recurring themes of this film appears to be the use of awkward conversations to provide the audience with interesting, and comedic dialogue, while showcasing intriguing emotional actions and reactions from the characters under tension.

Imploring a strong element of sarcastic irony, the film constantly restates how terrible cigarettes and coffee are for a person, but this is what just about every single character seems to be having for lunch. RZA and GZA of the Wu Tang Clan however drink non caffeinated herbal tea out of a super pimp tea set and only opt to smoke a blunt. Yeah that's right the mutha fuckin' Wu Tang Clan is in this movie, not only that but RZA be a bone fide alternative medicine doctor all up ins the nature N shit. When suddenly they are approached by their waiter who offers them some coffee as seen below:

They inform their waiter that coffee is terribly unhealthy, and can cause serious many health complications and even serious delirium... and thats when shit gets fucked up.


And not just any Bill Murray a very delirious Bill drinking coffee straight out of the pot, at first he thought he was hiding out but then believes he might just be delirious as RZA implied, all the same RZA & GZA give him a bag of disguises just in case he actually is hiding out from... whatever it is Bill Murray would want to hide from.

A hilarious and incredibly unique experience, as well as an absolute mindfuck the whole way through. I seriously recommend the hell out of this movie on multiple levels, it is a work of art to be interpreted.