Monday, August 18, 2008

A boy and his dog WTF?!

Alright so I just finished watching a few movies. One of these movies was A boy and his dog. I was told that it was worth watching, I guess they meant while sober. At the moment I am assuming that this movie didn't make any sense to me because of the drugs, but this movie was way to fucked up to understand.

The shortened plot of this movie is as follows. Vic and his dog named Blood are living in a post apocalyptic world, where they live to have sex and fight for food. The thing is, they can physicly communicate. Vic the dumber of the two uses Blood to sniff out women so that he can violently rape them. From the beginning of the movie I was confused as hell, but I rolled with it. Once you start to get in to it the movie you are bombarded with things that make you say "HUH?!". A good example of this are the "screamers". Everyone is terrified of the screamers (they are called screamers when really they moan) because if they touch you you will fucking die. You never see a screamer although you do see the green glow that they give off (that's right they fucking glow green). I don't have a big problem with having to make the conclusion that the screamers are radioactive mutants, but I would rather have at least fucking seen one. Vic was almost found by the screamers when he went into their underground lair to rape a woman which his dog, who is rather intelligent, sniffed out. Eventually the woman, Vic, and blood are all hiding in what I though was a furnace. While in this furnace Vic and the woman bang twice (while Blood lays 2 feet away). Eventually the girl begins to talk about how she is from "the down under". I assumed she meant Australlia but apparently she meant some fucked up underground society where everyone wears Joker makeup and acts like it is the 50s. I CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP! Vic enteres this fucked up world and imediatly he is taken from behind, stripped, and bathed. From this point everything happened so fast that the plot was almost impossible to follow. Longstory short, the people wanted to bring Vic down there so that they could use his sperm to impregnate all of their women (I'm assuming that they wanted to bread babys that could communicate with dogs), while Vic is hooked up to some very painfull sperm extraction system women are brought into the room and I think they were married to his sperm (I really don't fucking know), the girl that lead vic down there knocked out the minister with some roses and they escaped the building. Outside of the building some 50s do-opers were waiting because they wanted Vic to kill the leader of their council. Vic, being as pissed off as any man who had a tube down his dick would be, told them to fuck off. Next some big farmer looking dude just fucking graps one of the do-opers by the neck and fucking broke it. He continued to kill the others even though none of them were seen doing anything that would make them deserve a broken neck. The killer then turned to Vic and the girl. When he got close Vic began to shoot at him, which didn't effect him in any way. Eventually the farmer dude fell over and began to spark, when this happened the leader of the council make a remark about getting another "bill" off the line, even though he couldn't have seen him die. Eventually Vic and the girl escape only to find that Blood was almost dead, due to his ingueries from a previous fight. Just when you think Blood is going to die it cuts to a later scene where Vic and Blood walk off into the sunset laughing about how good the girl tasted, BECAUSE THEY FUCKING ATE HER!


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