Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A race of pimp aliens

Fuck shit! I was trying so hard to start this post because I have some fucked up news so share. The Detour is going to be playing American Dad! I am not saying that with excitement. American Dad is a funny show at times but it is just so fucked up that it is playing on the Detour. My mind is blowing.

Shit is fucked. I was walking home a hour or so ago and I was talking about this paranormal thing I was reading about that was hilarious. Apparently when you look at a clock and it reads 12:12 or 11:11 or 3:33, 3:03 etc it means that angels are trying to communicate with you. There has to be other opinions on this because fucking angels, really? I do think that it is kind of fucked up because I fell asleep reading it and when I woke up I remember because it was still on my monitor and when I looked at my VCR (Yes a fucking VCR! I looked at it because I don't have a clock on my taskbar.)the time was 11:11 and for days afterwords I started to notice that it was happening to me a lot. At first I thought that it was because the stupid idea was fresh in my head but when I thought about it I remembered experiencing this many times in the past. It could have been a memory that I forced into existence from thin air but the situation is still fucked up. What makes this theory more crazy is that the page I was reading also tried to tie the sudden turning on and off of street lights when walking under them into it. The theory was shit to begin with it didn't need to tie something equally bad with it to make it worse. So the webpage was saying that both of these phenomena are a way of your guardian angel signaling to you that they exist. Wow this was a pretty long paragraph.

Paragraph II: A race of pimp aliens explained
Well as you can see in my poorly drawn picture there is a spaceman of sorts in what appears to be a pink and purple craft, you could also call it a vessil of sorts. While this space man is infact very fucked up because it appears to have some kind of broken glass mask, I have made him to be a uber pimp alien in my mind. I have done this because I created the pic a few days ago and never uploaded it. In the mean time I have been thinking about making the post and over time I began to remember the dude as a fucking pimp. I think that this could be because of all the purple. Pimp purple... Hell even pink! They all start with a P. Pee. Puh.

Imagine if there was a race of pimp aliens that had a race of hookers which it did it's thing with. There are a lot of cool alien ideas out there. None of that humanoid bullshit. The humanoid thing can be good in some cases, but I really want to see some creative aliens. Imagine a race of aliens which for some reason when they suffer even the smallest cut all of there blood (if you want to call it that) sprays out until they die. They are a race which lives for a long time as long as they don't die of blood loss. The could be called hemophilians or something. That was the best alien race I could come up with off the top of my head.


Anonymous said...

Good post.If you want my opinion, WRITE SCIENCE FICTION! :)

Redzion said...

Science Fiction you say...