Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A new post now featuring "lables"

I just saw Pineapple express for the second time today. The amount of people who were going to see it again amazed me. I didn't make a post about it before simply because I'm lazy. I guess I'll type a fucking review out. That fucking back there in the sentence before this one was supposed to be really angry. Maybe I should make it bold or something....

The movie had everything a stoner could dream of. Action, comedy, a easy to follow plot, and the movie was drug related. It was the little things in the movie that made Pineapple Express a wonderful experience great. For example, Sauls apartment looked so amazingly comfortable. It had one of those coffie tables with droors (there is something wrong with the spelling of that. I mean look at that word.) and a couch with a pleantiful amount of pillows. You can never have too many pillows! There were many slow motion scenes and quick zooming that just added a effect of SHIT YEAH! I will probably go see this movie again soon as it was probably the best movie to come out this summer (aside from the Dark Knight of course). Wow I am pretty impressed with how well this post turned out because I am fucking baked.