Thursday, September 11, 2008

The cars that ate paris

If at a first glance of this film's poster you think "Shit yeah a movie about some French people getting eaten by cars", you are terribly wrong. This film could have been a hour long B movie where cars are running rampant eating everyone in site, but instead you get shit on a stick. My entire opinion of this movie is totally bias because I started watching it assuming that what I said above would happen.

The story follows George who is traveling through rural Australia, with his brother. It turns out that George has a huge fear of cars and driving in general, and what he goes through doesn't quite help it. First, his they are in a car accident in which his brother is apparently killed. Not knowing what to do George hangs out around town. There was almost no sympathy shown towards his loss, as the town's people are all bat shit crazy. George attempts to leave the town a few times, but fails as he is terrified of getting run the fuck over by the teens of the town who drive around in war ass looking cars, looking for people to kill.

Over time it becomes obvious that the town has managed to exist for as long as it has by causing car crashes and harvesting the people/cars. If George was a normal person and not the shy/frightened of everything person that he is, he could have easily left the town.

The entire plot is just George slowly finding out how fucked up the town is, although he doesn't do shit about it until the very last scene. The very last scene is the only one that is worth mentioning. The youth of the town, who attempt to kill everyone with their cars, start fucking up the town. They pretty much destroy every building accept the barn that all the town's folk were in because of a ball. Two or three people attempted to stop the cars using sticks, which resulted in their death.

The thing that kept my hopes of cars at least eating people is every now and then a animal growl would be made when the camera zoomed in on a car, but I think that was just added in there because Peter Weir is a twat.

Oh and in case you are wondering, yes that spiky car from the picture is in the film (thank fuck!), but only one person is shown getting killed by it.