Thursday, September 11, 2008


So today i remembered a film made in the 90's that most people will recall seeing yet probably wont recall liking. The movie TRUCKS was a based on a short story by Stephan King. I mean can you imagine him going up to his publisher and suggesting a story based on trucks coming to life and killing people. Now i am a fan of the movie, most people can't even recall the actors yet when someone mentions that bad ass joker truck the film comes to mind, at least that's what i think. Stephan King in my mind is a mediocre author but his idea about 3 tons of steel coming alive is fucking amazing, unfortunately the movie did poorly which is probably why you won't see it at your local Future Shop. Which leads me to another thought....BIGFOOT! If you want to know about something the world need it's more bigfoot videos. You know the ones, there overly obscure images of what could be a guy in a suit or actually a mother fucking Bigfoot. This century needs a really good bigfoot video, it wouldn't matter at all whether it was real or not.


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