Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's been said before & it will be said again but..

House is a fucking pimp.

I had some resin and hot knifed after Testees which is a goddamn hilarious comedy show created by Kenny Hotz from Kenny Vs Spenny and I may explain in greater deal later, or more likely make a less detailed post about it on the BUTS forum which you should really join if you haven't by the way..

I heard House's voice in the background and I thought to myself "aaaawwe yeeeeeeeaaah House is on and he's gonna be saving people and shit!!" And the very SECOND I sit down really high I hear some kid telling a story and then BAM!! THIS BITCH STARTS PROJECTILE VOMITING BLOOD FUCKING EVERYWHERE!

Which at this point my mind is screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! WTF!! up until half way through chaotic terror I realized it was awesome as hell, and in fact went to a steady THIS IS AWESSSOOOOOOME!! While these interesting and blood soaked medical endeavours proceeded, House schooled several bitches with an elegant combination of quick wit, wrapped in sarcasm, and slathered in smarm sauce. But in the end of the day House cured that bitch of 30 things no one knew she had, AND removed a tumor by conning a surgeon with some crazy medical science trick.