Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ripped Review Of: Blueberry

Sitting down at my computer, consuming a delicious sammiche consisting of Nutella, and Caramel, I sit there in a wave of uncontrollable euphoria from just HOW fucking good that sammiche is, in such a state of mind I must completely finish the delectable morsel before I can even begin to locate and begin the film Blueberry on my computer, I finally find it. I am high, and this is my review of the Psychedelic Western film Blueberry.

Now we all love to watch movies, especially while high. But I feel the need to forewarn you that watching Blueberry baked will in no way help you comprehend it's convoluted plot line. The main thing that makes it so convoluted is that there are Indians whom speak in their own tongue but no subtitles are given, and although the movie itself is spoken largely in English you just can't help but feel that you're missing something important... This however does NOT mean you shouldn't watch this movie really high, as it will enhance the experience this movie provides with it's mind bending, beautiful visuals used to represent several drug trips in the film.

Blueberry's setting is in that of a conventional Western film. It's the "Wild West" and sheriffs, saloons, Natives who scalp your head, and lots of awesome hallucinogenics were commonplace. But this is not mainly what drives the story of Blueberry it's just an interesting and unique way to portray the events. After a traumatizing experience where in he witnesses the murder of his lover the protagonist of the film Blueberry finds himself in the care of Native Americans, and later as a Sheriff acts as a diplomat between the Natives & the Americans in attempts quell any disputes.

The Native Americans have a mountain kept secret, and well protected. It is believed that the mountains were filled with gold, and this long sought after treasure had found itself... Well, sought after yet again, but this time from an small obnoxious German Cartographer, and his hard as fuck partner who immediately kills his German accomplices ex-partner to save his life. Upon the two being thrown in prison, Blueberry returns only to find himself thrust back into a past rather forgotten the flashback takes it's toll physically from the immediate distraught. The man in his cell, was the murderer of his lover. He throws his badge to the ground and goes to retrieve the gun that killed his lover so many years ago.. So that he can return the favour.

THIS however, does not go accordingly as the Murderer is freed by his posse Blueberry is knocked out, the building is torched and he is left for dead. Blueberry of course survives the ordeal after being rescued by one of the deputies, and then sets out for vengeance, truth, and justice, but in the process he will uncover the darkest secret his life has hidden from him. Many shamanic rituals, and psychedelic experiences aid him on his quest, and the climax to the film is MORE then anything I could have asked for. So without too much being revealed I will say this about the climax: He ingests the powerful Ayahuasca DMT entheogen, and is transported to another realm where he faces off against his most powerful and hated enemy, to uncover the truth and instill long awaited justice only to have a soul wrenching self realization that forces him to accept the unthinkable.

Although a tad slow, there IS good action in it (some of which may even shock and surprise you), EXCELLENT camera work, a wonderful plot, and fucking GORGEOUS visuals. So if you are looking a purely entertaining film filled with a laughable plot nonstop action and gratuitous sex and violence look elsewhere, but if you want to watch an excellent film with amazing visuals and a good plot I would most certainly recommend Blueberry.

I deem this movie:
Worthy of your high times!
Not your standard film!
Trippy as fuck!
Entertaining & Engaging enough.

Overall Rating: 8/10