Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cop buster busts cops

If you're a stoner and you use the internet chances are that you have at least heard of Barry Cooper. Barry Cooper is famous as the narcotics officer who quit the force to help people who have been tricked by police usually involving marijuana. Barry released his DVD Never get busted again a few years ago, which has helped thousands of people learn the laws and how not to get tricked by police officers.

Recently though, Barry has done something so epic that he deserves a metal. Barry rented a small house in Odessa, Texas and filled it with growing equipment and Christmas trees! He did this knowing that the police would eventually come by with infrared cameras and assume that it was a grow op. It has been ruled by the supreme court that it is illegal to use infrared cameras in a case such as this, even though they still get used.

Less then a day later the police busted open his doors only to find his lawyer sitting there surrounded with cameras and computer equipment streaming the footage directly to the internet. FUCKING OWNED.


nnecro > all said...

dude, kick ass

Anonymous said...

I heard Mr. Cooper on the radio the other night and I just want to say it is about time somebody did something about this situation. I have been a paralegal for 24 years specializing in criminal law and have watched the system become worse than the criminal element it is supposed to correct. This system doesn't work anymore the way it is set up. There has to be some changes. Good Luck Mr. Cooper!