Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dr. Steel

Okay so reading the "The top five posts of 2008 that I was too high to finish" made me remember that I should fucking finish off this Dr. Steel article because well, we all have to do our part to help the good doctor take over the world. Yeah, you heard me right take over the fucking world.

Dr. Phineas Waldof Steel is the greatest man of our time. A multi-talented genius who's creative talents extend far beyond what a sane mind could possibly comprehend. Using his infinite talent as an outlet to the general public, he has a message of change for a better world. In fact this better world he speaks of is in fact a "Utopian Playland" and that is most certainly a future to strive for.

Now how does one take over the world for such a purpose? Well like any leader he has an army, an army of loyal Toy Soldiers, (myself being one of said loyal soldiers). But the actions and demonstrations of this ever growing army are enjoyable events wherein the soldiers goals are to spread the word of Dr. Steel, hand out propaganda, and most of all.. HAVE FUN!!

Not only a doctor of spin, a professor of reality engineering, and a Minister of Metaphysics. Dr. Steel is also a talented musician whose genre is difficult to define at best, but the closest it can be defined is "Operatic Industrial Hip Hop".

Back And Forth

Build The Robots

Fibonacci Sequence

Well now, you may be wondering how YOU can be a part of this amazing ever expanding movement in the name of fun, well it's simple...

Just Click To Enlist In Dr. Steel's Army Of Toy Soldiers:

I see the future.
The future is Steel...