Monday, December 1, 2008

A hero worth talking about

I found this forum post and I just had to share it.

I got off of work 4 hours ago. I was so completely tired and my feet swollen from working on them for 12 hours straight. Yet I hadn't a clue why I stayed at work after I clocked off but I stayed for 20 minutes drinking coffee in the employee room.
I was walking home and I witnessed a car crash. A Honda slammed on it's brakes but it was too late and hit a truck in front of them and the Honda CRUNCHED. I was on the other side of the street and I ran across 6 lanes of traffic in rush-hour to see if they were okay. The guy in the Honda was wedged in his car and couldn't get out without help and I noticed underneath the hood of his car, it was smoking like crazy. I got him out (while yelling at him that it was totally his fault) and ran to the truck. 2 teenage girls hop out of the truck and were fine. I heard sirens in the distance and seeing they were fine, jokingly asked them "have any drugs you would like me to hide for you?" and a waft of marijuana (not smoke) escapes their truck. I happen to have a hospital-issued odor eliminator called 'm9 odor eliminator' on me at all times because Im a stoner. I spray down their truck and they hand me a good half oz and a pipe that was in a Safeway bag and I shoved it in my jacket. I still heard sirens but no emergency vehicles were in sight yet. I told them after everything was taken care of, I'd be at the Starbuck's down the road and to meet me there. 45 minutes later, they met me at Starbucks.

To make a long story short, they gave me the phattest nug I have ever seen for my troubles and on top of that, they smoked me out! How fucking cool is that!?

Here is a link to a m9 Odor Eliminator page.

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