Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The top five posts of 2008 that I was too high to finish

There have been many posts that I have started but not completed. Funny enough most of these posts could have been the best I have made. It's difficult being a extremely lazy stoner and running a blog about it. Perhaps next year I will find a method of making this work...

Comfort City
This post was going to be an extremely detailed outline of the state of ultimate comfort and how I achieved it. I was going to go into detail explaining the comfort points added by each individual item and how they were used. For example: my computer chair is a bed.

Dr. Steel
I was going to make an amazing post on how awesome Dr. Steel is but it didn't make it past the third sentence.

Why Domino is very worth watching
This post was going to consist of 10 great reasons to watch the movie Domino. One of these reasons was Christopher Walken saying "is that pot?"

Are you bored? A step by step tutorial on converting your toilet into something

This post was far too awesome to have ever be finished. I was going to make a picture tutorial on how to turn your toilet into a motorcycle so you could take a shit in the fast lane. I even started taking pictures of the project but it just wasn't meant to be.

Portable hotbox
In this post I was going to explain the awesomeness of a device that I found that could easily be used to make a one person hotbox. If I find it again this post will be made.


insomniac said...

I started a Dr. Steel post when I was too high to make it past but a few sentances, I should probably go finish that because the good Doctor deserves it..