Sunday, December 21, 2008


So it's been freezing cold for the past week or so and usually I would be toughing it out, but fuck that. Being comfortable is the most important thing to me at this point in my life; so I am staying inside as much a fucking possible. There isn't a reason why I should freeze my nuts off, especially when I could be at a level of comfort that few people can say they have reached.

Because I am staying inside I am going to need something to do. While trying to figure out what I was going to do inside for practically the entire winter a friend, who I sold my old WoW account to, came online and gave it back to me, with a month payed for, and the new expansion added to it. So now Blow Up The Sky can be what it was in the beggining. A blog that I would post in while WoW was tabbed and after smoking a bowl.

So anyways, I need to tell you of a story. I don't know the whole story myself. That is probably why I am so amazed by it, but man it's fucked up. There is a family with a dog that lives across the street from my house. This dog has rediculouly short hair for this weather and so leaving it ouside is one of the cruelist things anyone could do; and yet these motherfuckers keep leaving their dog outside in the freezing ass cold. For the first three knights the dog was barking to come in, and on the third moring I looked out my window to see a Vet van parked in front of the house and then I see two guys come out from the back yard carrying a stiff ass dead dog.

The next day I looked out my window only to see that the very same dog was outside, alive and well, chilling in a newly built dog house.

Would you like an explanation? I DON'T FUCKING HAVE ONE!


N. Necro butcher said...

dammit, don't play a MMOPRG

Mr.Natas said...

So, when might you be playing on uldum again, you probally saw another scenario or such.

insomniac said...

That picture is fucking steel.