Friday, July 25, 2008

Aunt Beru Beast Continued

I didn't explain what Aunt Beru Beast is. Ok so do you know those things from wow that are around the Undercity? Of course you do, there is a pic of one in the post. God I wish they would all die. George Costanza is in the the Hunchback of Notre Dame Anyways, the Toy story Music is the best shit ever. Damn! I keep getting off topic. Ok so, imagine one of those monsters Dakrhounds! That's what they are called. Imagine one of those monsters but with Aunt Beru's face.

I have provided a pic of Aunt Beru in the title. LOOK AT HER FACE! I don't know what she looks like, but I find it funny imagining her face on a DARKHOUND.

There I have done it. I have converted the idea to text.