Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello World 2

If you are here because you wanted to see the old Blow Up The Sky I am sorry to disappoint you but I decided that it had to die. I am actually here on the blogger network because wordpress did not satisfy my needs. I don't know what the hype about hosting a blog on wordpress is. Blow Up the Sky will now be taking a exciting new direction. I don't want to be another goddamn tech blogger. Blow Up the Sky will now be a collaboration of things that I find enjoyable while on a mind altering substance. My posts will probably not make much sense as I will try to only post while on said mind altering substances. I hope that you are also on a mind altering substance while reading my future posts because you will probably not be able to enjoy them at all or at least to the extent that I have been. I will also use this blog to post images and passages from THE BIBLE 2.0. No I'm not talking about the new testament although it is a new testament of sorts. Please try to understand that many of the posts I make will not make sense, but are open to interpretation.