Saturday, July 26, 2008

Post count?: I broke my foot

I have to type this out before it consumes me! I was done smokining when I noticed I had another joint in my pocket. This was no ordinary joint. It looked like the raisin joint from Clone High, it felt like the joint from Clone High, it was the raisin joint from clone high. The taste! Oh the taste! It tasted like liquid delicious and it lasted forever. It filled my lungs with liquid raisin. I thought I was going to drown. I took a bit of it inside to see if I was smoking real raisins. To my surprise it was full of the finely ground BC bud that I had packed it with earlier.

I am going to try to do this again to see if it works. Just make a joint that looks like the one from clone high, and... believe. I have hopes of one day doing this with watermellon. IMAGINE A MOTHERFUCKER WATERMELLON JOINT.

OK so I just went through hell getting that pic but it is fucking amazing.

I'm off now I will be back sometime.


Derleiter said...

lol, Aunt Beru's face is fucked. I could read this all day. Awsome job with the banner by the way.