Friday, July 25, 2008

Post 5: Aunt Beru beast

If occurs to me that I didn't finish what I started last time. I started to talk about that chemical that is put in most fast food but then I trailed off. I have to complete the idea I was forming.
Imagine using that chemical in really good food. Imagine how good it would taste.

So I have been informed that there is a greater chance of finding a Gonk Droid pic on wookiepedia. My search has been a success! Ahah I cannot see it but I bet this post is going to look amazing with this pic.

Man posting is so much work which is why I haven't been doing it to my full potential yet. I need a voice to text program or something. I think I will look into this, even though typing is really fun. Man I'm having a blast click clackng on my keyboard.

I have this bottle of Natural Spring Water and it feels so cool. I suggest you find one that is shaped like this. It just might break your mind. Oh shit you cant see this. Well I am not going to describe it to you. JUST KIDDING! It's shaped like a guitar. Honestly that should sum it all up for you.

So I just realized that it's not even 11AM! How can this be? Why am I not sleeping? I think I'm going to go to sleep................ I am sorry for all of those periods. OK OK OK I am watching Toy Story in the background. Yes I am in the background. The advertisements are the essence of nostalgia. OH MY GOD THE FUCKING HERCULES MOVIE HAS DANNY DEVITO IN IT.

Ok goodbye I am going to the Library park to look at ducks and shit.