Thursday, July 24, 2008

Post 3: A unexpected visit

So have you ever noticed how Soda tastes different when it is in a can as oppose too being in a bottle? Imagine what the slight difference in taste would be if it was coming out of a fountain.

I don't exactly know why this second paragraph has started. HAH! Stephen Hawking in zero gravity. Ok so I am sorry to inform you that I wrote the paragraph after this before this one. I cannot remember why I started one here, but I must have had a good idea.

Ohhh no mash is on. If I was of the M.A.S.H generation of television viewer I would probably not be so bored by it, sadly that is not the case. The theme song to M.A.S.H is boredom. The slight difference in the actors voices puts me to sleep. I just heard a mash joke. Frick there was a long space in time before I started the last sentence.

Alright! I have started a paragraph in the correct place. So anyways Dusk Till Dawn was on ealier but it was on Peace Tree TV so every single word. I don't even think a single idea was original. Did I just type idea? I meant to say word not idea. WORD! I don't even think a single word spoken was of the original Cast.

So I was looking for a Gonk bot photo to but there were no good ones so I searched Gonk Droid and to my disappointment there were none either. There is something very wrong with this. After words I was going to look for a picture of a sad dog to let you know before you read this that something terrible happened (I mean who likes seeing sad dogs), but I was unable to save it for some reason so I will now search my computer for a good picture.


Dr.Derleiter said...

I need to read this "sheet" whilst i travel through time.