Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clutch are thirty-two million kinds of awesome

Watch that. If that is not the most metal thing you have seen all day then you are doing some pretty metal things. Like stomping on the skulls of endangered species with steel toe boots made from human skeletons metal. If you are doing things of that metal-magnitude, or metatude if you will, then you should call up Universal studios or some shit and when they answer just yell. They will imediatly sense your incredible skill at being awesome, and give you an action movie deal. You will then spend all of the budget on knives and whiskey, and make the movie a documentary about how you got drunk as shit and stabbed people for two hours. It will win seven golden globes.

Anyhow, Clutch. They are the stonerest blusiest rockinest band ever. Neil Fallon is king is three countries because he deposed the previous ruler by melting them with the deep tones of his voice. I mean the fire, which is on his beard mind you, gets the fuck out when he starts singing at full intensity again. What is not to love?


insomniac said...

Clutch are fucking steel, a Ribonucleic acid freak out if you will. Neil Fallon has the vocals of a Norse god high on Cosmic Kush, and ass kicking. If he wasn't too busy having Jupiter Cyclops' wink at him as he hits neutral in the tail of a comet and have the vortex pull his weight. Putting the seat down a little lower, watching light bend in the blower... Then he would have conquered the known universe by now.

nneco pwner said...

iam metla thwen u u bvlack headed fuck