Monday, November 17, 2008

The Stuff Legends Are Made Of

Marijuana, that viciously delicious herb that tantalizes our taste buds and tingles our nerves. Saturday night a friend of mine NERO and I had gone on a quest for some cannabis. I inquired if my friend had brought his cellphone, and he had forgotten, so I was without the ability to call my normal dealer.

Walking across town to another friends in hopes of salvation was in fact another failure as they were not at home, but continuing on we came across an associate of mine named Dustin, I asked if he knew where we could acquire some marijuana. Upon hearing this he promptly responded "How much?" And we replied "Just a dime.." He brought us aside opened his backpack where he had a satchel, and within the satchel there was a large sum of gorgeous looking bud, he said it was some kind of Kush. He asked to eyeball it, I agreed as I thought a scale outside by the street was as impractical as it was stupid. He gave us a small handful of beautiful little nugs that we happily paid for.

The weed smelled fucking incredible, it's pungent odour was something to be smelled afar despite how small the amount was. Returning to his house we used my bubbler to consume this tasty cannabis treat. I busted it up and packed the massive bowl atop the bubbler, it went back and forth nicely a few times and when it was gone I was high.. Like REALLY high, and then 5 minutes later I was even fucking higher. We played Street Fighter on his SNES, and watched old recorded Digimon episodes from The Zone on YTV. It fucking blew my mind in half because not only was I really really high, it had commercials from the 90's my fucking childhood was being thrown before my eyes the nostalgia was nigh lethal. This kept us high as balls for several hours, and in fact went to sleep ripped to shit in the early hours of morning.

Waking up late and chillin out was sweet, and even better when I discovered they was more then a packed bowls worth left, smoking this we got even fucking higher and played Diablo II while listening to both Alestorm (PIRATE METAL MOTHERFUCKERS!! YEEAAAHH!!) and Dr. Steel (future emperor of the world I'll post about him later.) We then quit Diablo II after a longass time ate a bunch more food, and then listened to more music ranging from Streetlight Manifesto, to Venetian Snares, Andrew WK, and Infected Mushroom.

The moral of the story is it was really fucking good weed, and in fact I am high right now typing this from the resin that that bud provided me with...


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Good times

insomniac said...

Good times, great quality, best plant.