Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Greatest Game You've Never Played / A Post Featuring More Colour!

Thats right, I'm talking about Psychonauts and YES I will be making the word Psychonauts bold and purple everytime I say Psychonauts because it is fucking worth it. I mean look at that cover art, this game is a stoners best friend, or in my case one of the many Deities I follow (Bruce Campbell being the overlord of these deities) Oh yeah and if cover art isn't enough to convince you how fucking awesome it is (cause it sure as shit convinced me.) then I will be inclined to explain and show you why the fuck you should own twelve copies of this game.

First off the style, this game masterfully combines elements of Tim Burton-esque animation with super lush bright glowing mesmerizing colours, it is a hypnotically gorgeous game. Now you take this amazing art style of drool worthy colours, and awesome character designs, and ac
tually you know make well rounded characters out of them (something rather unheard of in the gaming world) I won't bother explaining the story as there is no way I could possibly sum up how insane, twisted, hilarious, and awesome this game's story is. Well I suppose I'll elaborate on the comedic value, think satirical, black humor (not to be mistaken with black people humor). The game itself is an absolute mindfuck, as it is an action platformer, in which YOU GO INTO PEOPLES FUCKING MINDS VIA A FUCKING DOOR ON THEIR FOREHEAD and traverse their mindscape. And yes, it IS as trippy as you'd expect, possibly even more so dependng on the amount of mind altering substances consumed, and just something to look foreword to there is a batshit insane Milkman whos mind you get to enter, and he sees everything as a conspiracy theory and is PARANOID TO SHIT!! You also get several psychic powers that are utilized in rather unique ways. Just look at these pictures, LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING COLOURS MAN!! LOOK! Now YOU! YES YOU have to go purchase as many copies of Psychonauts as you can as Psychonauts is fucking incredible. Like Jesus Cock Knocking Christ I BEG YOU TO GO BUY PSYCHONAUTS!!!!!!!!!

Tim Schafer creator of
Psychonauts has a new game coming out, I will probably be posting that shit ASAP as it is called Brutal Legend, it is about METAL and killing shit.


Redzion said...

Ok, so why am I just now finding out that the create of Phychonauts and the create of Brutal Legend are one and the same?

Satanamo said...

Because Psychonauts was never bought by anyone ever.