Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grinders want to grind, Boomers want to boom, I want to play Fallout 3

I want to tell you a story, a story that may or may not make you feel sympathy for people in the same boat as me. If you are in the same boat as me then just know that you are not alone. I have sense the release day of Fallout 3 only been able to play it today, and that game play only lasted about 4 minutes. I know that many people are going to think "it's just a game dude chill, there are people who are born as sex slaves and get raped every day." As the second part of that statement may be true, the first is completely false. Fallout III (I am now going to use Roman Numerals when referring to this game as it completely deserves it) is probably the best game that has been been released to date. I have seen my friends become addicted to the point of meth fiendery, and I have sat by and waited. I have passed up opportunities to play it simply because I know that playing it for an amount of time less then 72 hours is completely unacceptable. Just recently I got the game to work on my PC. The PC version has one major problem at this time, IT CRASHES EVERY FUCKING FEW MINUTES!

This post isn't about Fallout III, it's about the fact that I have played every big game released sense then. This includes Gears Of War 2, which I have to problems with. You see one of the problems with Fallout III is that it makes every game obsolete in comparison, this was true for some period of time but I have learned to control it. I have learned to enjoy games that aren't Fallout III.

Rather then summing up how good Gears Of War 2 is I am instead going to explain how good of a time I had playing it. I sat down relatively baked with a 12er of Coke, I turned murmaider on and set my media player to repeat. I busted out my shotgun and used nothing but. If this doesn't sound amazing to you yet then I believe that you have no idea how amazing the new gears of war gore system is.

OK so I lied, I also used the Boltok Pistol, for long ranged attack of course. I really hope that this has summed up how good of a time I have had because at this point I am so intoxicated that I am unable to sum it up any further.

Oh and as for an explanation of what the fuck a grinder is I will link you to it's Gearspedia page.
Click here to leanrn all about Boomers.
Boomers and grinders are one and the same, the only diference is the weapons that they use. Oh and the fact that boomers say BOOM! and grinders say GRIND! At one point in the game I had taken out all the enemies except for 3 Grinders and 2 boomers, I rolled around them until they ran out of ammo, then I seshed them up.

I have tried to find a video of boomers saying "boom!" and grinders saying "grind", but sadly there is only one video which is narrated by a very loud and anoying English kid so fuck it.

Oh and to everyone who says: "dude WTF why you no use no chainsaw?" I did, but only at the parts that fucking needed it. I know it's hard to believe that a chainsaw mounted to a assult rifle is not better then a shot gun, this is something you are going to have to trust me with.

Finally I am going to end this by giving you an amazing piece of knowledge. Predators have been implemented into the game.


Satanamo said...

I feel great sympathy for you as even though I have not yet played either it is FAR worse to have only played it for 4 FUCKING MINUTES?! HOW HAVEN'T YOU SUICIDED YET?! But then I realized it's because of Gears Of War 2, and holy corpsegrinding shit it's gore is quality.

Satanamo said...