Thursday, November 20, 2008


got me high today, VERY high. It was dubbed "Killer" (and for good reason cause this thing slays in ALL the right ways) by BJ my friend and owner of that gorgeous piece of glassware.

It has a massive bowl, and delivers pleasantly savage tokes that leave the thickest smoke billowing from your mouth the moment you open it. Smoking this at the back of a school field while there was a PE class playing in that field was a good call because the wind was blowing their way so they could smell the delicious greenery we were consuming.

Then after that wonderful sesh I walked across town to proceed to get higher later in the day with Redzion whilst still being high from the previous endeavour that was that bong, where I just chilled out watched Saints Row II get played and listened to a lot of super chill music.. And then while coming home and being high I found this... Prepare your minds, and constrain your face muscles, melting of the mind will probably occur.



Redzion said...

Well shit

nnecrosexedurmom said...

i will give moneys to have sex with herf