Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scientists Need To Genetically Engineer Better Weed

Now when I say "Scientists Need To Genetically Engineer Better Weed" I mean we need the worlds top fucking scientists improving it in more aspects then potency and taste. (although most weed I smoke is both potent and delicious this ALWAYS has room for improvement) What I have in mind particularly is a Marijuana strain with FUCKING COTTON CANDY PHYSICS!! Now for those of you who aren't aware of my acquired stoner lingo, when I say Cotton Candy physics I mean the ways in which you can manipulate cotton candy, as in how it can be stretched out in delicious fibres woven in and out of each other. Now imagine you get home and you have some fucking delicious looking bud and already you are rather satisfied with your purchase just from the look and amazing smell emitting from your bag, you remove a gorgeous and chasti sized nug to be placed into your buster and you start the process but to your surprise instead of little ground up crumbulets you see that your nug has simply expanded into a fibrous wonder of THC riddled flavour. You can now pull it apart, like cotton candy, stretch it, and obviously smoke it. (I say that last because if I were to discover this I would have played with it for some time, then I'd have to clean up semen puddles from the orgasm, it would have just incurred.) So now scientists of the world I urge you, no. I humbly PLEAD you to create such divine innovations for the world of cannabis consumption so that future generations can have the honour of smoking THIIIIIIISSSSS!!!!!


Redzion said...

This is delicious!