Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spin Span Spun

This movie is amazing, one of the few cinematic masterpieces of the drug culture. Faster and faster and faster this meth riddled movie follows it's strange eccentric tweakers and how totally fucked each of them are. It has amazing scene cuts, and fucked up transitions that all add to the experience. I really can't explain this movie at all so I'll just blurt the reasons why you should watch the fuck out of it.

- Really well made
- A green dog named taco
- explosions
- excessively trippy cartoon sequences one of which involves involving flying into a vagina
- Gratuitous nudity / sex? CHECK!!
- and 70's action cop sequences I shit you not.

To further fuck your mind, there are several references to the game and how they all fucking lost.


Redzion said...

You seem to be experiencing a case of the fucking annoying random spaces. Good post though.

insomnic said...

Oh I know right? I was all what the fuck?! but then I was FARRRRR too lazy to fix it.