Monday, November 24, 2008

Movies Worthy of Your High Times

After scrounging I found a decent sized resin slathered roach and through it in my bubbler so I could sit down and watch a movie, I ended up choosing Wanted. As in that action movie that looked kind of like a generic, Matrixy action movie about assassins.. Well it turns out to be something more, MUCH more.

I'll take you guys up to speed on my lazy ass synopsis.The movie is about some loser who is a fucking pussy, there is a group of assassins who kill people in fucking sweet ways, they kidnap loser guy who happens to be the son of one of the best assassins to have lived, and was recently killed by a rogue assassin. Loser guy becomes badass guy, tons more killing, some sweet plot shit and tons more killing.

The movie starts off with a bang, which instantly captivated my reluctant attention to the screen. On the action movie standard action scale of one to ten, it's just below Shoot 'Em Up, and Crank, at about thirty million. The action picks up quickly, and lasts a good portion of the movie, changing the expected boring dialogue speech to they're saying cool captivating shit all the while people are being killed, beaten, shot, stabbed, and BLOCKING FUCKING BULLETS WITH OTHER BULLETS!! Like that shit is hardcore.

There are knife fights, plenty of Gun Fu, and a surprisingly decent story. Lots of explosions and rather well... unique action scenes that I can't really explain 'til you see yourself. Lots of people are killed, and not just killed, but righteously owned in ways that make you go "Holy shit, that was fucking cool!!" Heads explode, bullets weave and wind their way to targets via advanced shooting techniques, and millions of rats explode. And yes, you read that correctly.

Gratuitous violence: Check.
Awesome Visually Pleasing Cool Shit: Very fucking check.
Intense Action: Oh Lord yes!
Trippy Shit: Yeah, they even have that angle covered.
And This:

This movie is Deemed Worthy As Fuck of your High Times.


nnecro > gunther said...

slow motion bullet through skull was awesome in the movie

Anonymous said...

movie sucked

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty shitty movie.

LordRoY said...

Worth it to watch Angelina Jolie tho..


Anonymous said...

way to throw the end scene spoiler in there

Anonymous said...

Go watch the Labyrinth instead.